So, why blog?
-it’s an easy way to make a dynamic website that you can change instantly without html

-you can use it like Manami does to point out resources and add directions for classes to come to the library - this encourages independent work which is one of the best ways to learn something

-you can use it to record events, past or present. It can be a way to invite students into you life in a controlled way. It shows students that adults use writing in their lives in many ways

-in the classroom, you can invite your students to reply to your post with comments. So, ask a higher level thinking question and let each of them reply with their thoughts. Everyone can read what everyone else has read so it deepens learning.
-use it to keep track of current events. Analyze the events as they happen. Students can comment and analyze too


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Infomancy by Christopher Harris
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SCSD Librarian Blogs, Websites, and Wikis

Manami Tezuka – Nottingham High School
Library Blog Link:
“I chose Blogger because there is no advertising. I have a strong dislike for advertising because it makes it look like I or my school endorse the product. It is also extremely easy to use.”

Laurie LeFever – Frazer K-8 School
Blog Link:
(Or go straight from the Frazer Library Page…much easier!)
“I use my blog for book clubs with grades 6-8. Sometimes we talk about specific books, sometimes we talk about books in general – like mini-booktalks. The students love the opportunity to get on the computer and seem to feel more comfortable sharing about books in this medium. I chose David Warlick because, well honestly, it was the one I heard about right before I created it. I like that the comments go to my email inbox for approval rather than being directly posted. There is advertising on the creation site, but not on the site the kids see.”

Tina Laramie – Elmwood Elementary School
Blog Link:
Wiki Link:
“I created this with a classmate focusing on professional development on information literature. It includes a couple of lesson plans geared toward high school students and deals with website evaluation. The lesson uses a template Dr. Small created similar to a webquest – buiLDer located at S.O.S. Literacy . The blog was created as a class project and focuses on podcasting."

Loretta Johnson – Seymour Elementary School
Livejournal Link:
“I use livejournal as a place to record events in my life. I also have begun to digitize old pictures of me and my family and write comments about them. I began this as a way to demonstrate to our students the difference between a primary source document and a secondary source document. However, I really like writing about my past and I do it for myself and my family. I am hoping that someday, when I am gone, they will be able to look back at the time I lived and understand it better!”

Web Page Link (with wikis):
“You can get to my wikis by clicking on the links at the website.
I have it password protected.” Username is: Seymour108 Password is: syrsls

Valerie Miller - G.W. Fowler High School
Library Blog:
"I'm using blogger to post classroom research projects and provide another avenue that students can use to get access to the electronic resources, provide a book review forum and also provide access to my podcast, Bytes On Books. I have been an LMS for 30 years and am trying to play catch up to all my innovative, young colleagues."