My great idea of the day: use Sound Studio on the ibooks to have students record their voices then play back for fluency

Kidspiration document into a PowerPoint.

Kidspiration has a feature that allows you to save a document as a jpg. So, we taught the kids how to save their document as a jpg onto the desktop. Then, we taught them how to move it to a thumb drive. The kids passed the thumb drive to each other as they finished loading their document onto it. Then, I took the thumb drive, opened PowerPoint on a laptop that I was using, and made a slide for each jpg image. It took me about 15 or 20 minutes to place each image on a ppt slide, adjust it and then move to the next slide. It wasn't that labor intensive.

I couldn't figure out how to transfer the ppt file from a thumb drive to the distance learning cart so I emailed it to myself and then opened up my email on the distance learning cart. With this method, it was not necessary to have Kidspiration loaded onto the distance learning cart.